Landlord//Tenant Disputes

Have questions about your rights as a landlord or tenant? Is there a dispute over a real estate or rental contract? Need to file an eviction? We have answers for you.

Here is a summary of how the eviction process works. If your tenant has violated the lease, generally for non-payment of rent, you may file for an eviction. There are at least two hearings relating to the eviction case. The first hearing is called an Immediate Possession hearing. At these hearings, the landlord must provide evidence that the tenant has violated the lease (generally for non-payment of rent). Landlords are more likely to receive possession of the property if the tenant has failed to pay rent or failed to vacate after given notice of termination of tenancy in a month-to-month situation.

There is a second hearing which is to establish financial damages and seek a judgment against the tenant.

At times, Landlords also violate the lease or Indiana Statutes that are to protect tenants. Here at Hildebrand Law, we also represent Tenants in such cases. If you have questions about your rights as a tenant, please contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss. 

We also will meet with Landlords, Tenants, and others to discuss contracts involved in these situations, including land contracts and rent-to-own contracts.

Our Landlord Tenant consultations are $50.00 per consult. Even if there is multiple consultations, it is a $50.00 dollar fee per meeting , for up to thirty (30) minutes, until retained (if discussing landlord tenant issues).

Any contracts for which you are seeking legal advice, there is a $100.00 fee per half hour. Our typical hourly rate is $200.00 per hour.