Family Law

Just as every family is different, each case involving families is different as well. 

Because of this, we price each case at varying rates due to the nature and complexity of the case. Schedule your consultation today to get a quote. 

Below are more expansive descriptions on the services our office offers in these fields.



Divorces are the most common type of Family Law matters we deal with. These vary in length, from as short as a couple months to a year or more. We can assist you if you are looking to file a divorce or you have been served by your spouse who has initiated it. We can can assist you if you are in the middle of the process and realize that legal assistance would be in your best interests. We always recommend that if your spouse has an attorney, it is in your best interests to retain counsel as well to protect your rights.

 We also offer flat fee services for Uncontested (undisputed) Divorces. These generally refer to cases where you and your spouse agree on the terms of the divorce and want to make sure the paperwork is completed properly to avoid issues in the future.

Post-Divorce Litigation

Post-divorce litigation is, unfortunately, much more common that we would hope for. These types of cases involve modifications of custody, parenting time, and child support. Also, these cases involve enforcing settlement agreements that may be vague or one party may simply refuse to abide the agreement. These also include enforcement of child support orders. Sometimes these cases last longer than the initial divorce case lasted. However, our goal is first, to avoid post-divorce litigation by making sure the settlement agreement is fair, within the parties abilities to meet the expectations, and written to avoid vagueness. If post-divorce litigation is necessary, we work you to make sure your rights under the divorce agreement are upheld throughout this process.


Paternity cases are cases where the parents were not married. Oftentimes when the parents split of there are issues similar to divorce cases, but without the  divorce. This is good for establishing father's rights even if he listed on the birth certificate, as well determining the obligations of each party. Even if parents remain in a relationship, it is always a good idea to establish paternity with a court order to protect Father's rights in the event of a separation.


Guardianships can be established for both minors and incapacitated adults. These cases can be relatively simple when establishing guardianship of a minor and there is consent from the parent(s). These can also be relatively simple for an incapacitated adult that is completely incapable of self care, as noted by a physician, and again, all interested parties consent. These cases are much more complicated when attempting to obtain guardianship over a minor against the parents wishes or the incapacitated adults wishes with questionable level of capacity. 


Adoption cases, like guardianships can be both simple or complex. The simplest cases are Adult Adoptions, which include the adoptive parent(s) adopting a person over the age of eighteen (18). Oftentimes these involving stepparents. However, adopting minors, even in a stepparent adoption can be a much more complex case. The process is especially complex if the parent or parents contest the adoption. It is also important to remember that Adoption is a permeant action that can only be revoked thru another adoption.