Divorce and Custody Practices

Just as every family is different, each case involving families is different as well. 

Because of this, we price each case at varying rates due to the nature and complexity of the case. Schedule your free consultation today to get a quote. 

Below are more expansive descriptions on the services our office offers in these fields.


Divorce/Post-Divorce Litigation

Divorces are the most common matter of Family Law we deal with. These vary in length, from as short as a couple months to ongoing in the years. Uncontested (undisputed) divorces usually the simplest and least expensive kind. 

Paternity cases are custody cases where the parents were not married. These cases are one of the shorter kinds of cases in this practice. This is good for establishing father's rights if he's not listed on the birth certificate, as well determining the obligations of each party.


Guardianships can be put in place for both minors and incapacitated adults. Not all guardians have the same extent of responsibility nor are able to wield the same powers. These cases are typically more complex, can be drawn out if there's disputes regarding the guardianship, and can be both temporary or permeant.


Adoption cases, like guardianships are typically more complex. The easiest are Step-Parent adoptions. The process is especially complex if the other parent's whereabouts are unknow or the contest to the adoption. Adoption is a permeant action that can only be revoked thru another adoption.