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Last WIll and Testament, Revocable Trusts, Deeds

If  you're looking to start planning your Estate and Will, it's best to start it as soon as possible. We can also assist with different types of Power of Attorney documents Contact us to schedule a consultation and make sure your assets and estate is in line.


In addition to Estate Planning, it is also important to plan for your medical care in the event you become incapacitated and are unable to make your own decisions. Please schedule an appointment today to learn your options.

Living Wills, Healthcare POAs. Financial POAs, Child Care POAs


There are several different kinds of bankruptcies. We specialize in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. If you are unsure pf what your options are or if a bankruptcy would be beneficial for your circumstances, feel free to contact our office for a  free consultation.

Chapter 7 & Chapter 13


While it's not our main focus, we also are equip to handle Landlord Tenant disputes. Our consultations for this area are not free. A consultation for this area is $50. We represent both landlords and tenants. Whether its an eviction in the process, a contact dispute, or negligent landlords, call us to schedule a consultation to get your representation.

Contract Disputes, Evictions


In addition, we also handle Family Law matters in our office. If you are looking to do a stepparent or other consensual adoption we can assist. We can help you with your divorces, guardianships, and paternity cases.  Hildebrand Law can be of assistance. Contact us to schedule consultation!

Divorce, Custody, Paternity, Guardianships, Adoptions, CHINS

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