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Contract Services

Contract Review

This service gives you the opportunity to have an attorney review a contract that either you wrote, or someone else wrote and provide advise on the contract. We can provide advise on recommended changes and potential pitfalls of the contract as is.

Real Estate Contracts

This service includes drafting Land Contracts, Purchase Agreements, Leases, and any other document that falls in this category. Our documents will be drafted favorable for our clients but ensure that they are legal and enforceable

Lease Review for Tenants

We offer lease review for Tenants to advise them on their rights and responsibilities in regards to the tenancy. We also provide statutory information if there are illegal and unenforceable provisions in the lease.

Drafting Other Contracts

Bring us your agreements and we can draft an enforceable and fair contract for you. If someone has presented you with a contract to sign and you want advice, a rewrite, and negotiation, we can help you.

Lease Review for Landlords

We also offer lease reviews to Landlords. This allows us to advise the Landlord on terms of the lease that are legal and to his or her benefit, while also pointing out any illegal provisions that cannot be enforced.

Contract Negotiation

If you are looking to enter into a contract with another party and are still negotiating the terms, we can assist you in negotiating those terms and ensuring the final agreement is appropriate for you.


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