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Bankruptcy and Debt Collection Defense

Estate Planning - Wills, Power of Attorneys, Healthcare Directives, Guardianship, etc.

Family Law - divorce, adoption, paternity, custody, child support, and Guardianship. 

Contract Services - Contract review and contract drafting

A law firm with a client focus. We understand your needs and concerns as you find yourself in a position where you need or desire legal assistance. We look forward to working with you to resolve the issues that have brought you to our office.



Welcome to the Hildebrand Law Office where you will receive high-quality legal services at reasonable rates. Our office is a primarily internet based law office, or virtual law office. Therefore, the best way to reach our office is through the contact form below or our email addresses. In addition, We primarily have phone and virtual consultations which allows more flexibility for us and for our clients and potential clients.Our focus in on you and your legal needs. Here at Hildebrand Law, we understand that when you need an attorney, you need one who will listen to you, maintain regular communication, and represent your interests. We will take the time to listen and discuss the details of your individual situation and provide the best advice and service possible. Establishing a great working relationship is essential for establishing and achieving your goals and protecting your rights. We understand your need for regular communication and will return your messages in a timely manner.

Our office is experienced in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies and look forward to working with you to seek a fresh start as bankruptcy law allows. We can help you to seek a Chapter 7 discharge, which may be completed within 3-6 months of the date of filing. We can also help you develop a Chapter 13 plan that allows you to keep your home, if you are facing difficulties with your mortgage, or have too much equity for a Chapter 7. Chapter 13 is also for those of you who earn too much per year to qualify for a Chapter 7 discharge. At this time, we can complete the entire bankruptcy process through virtual means. 

We also offer Estate Planning Services. This includes simple wills, revocable trusts, planning for children's care, and more. We can assist you with all the planning tools you will need in the event that you pass away. We want to make sure your wishes are made clear through you estate planning documents. 

Please understand that if you are going through any situation that involves custody of your children, whether it is a divorce, CHINS matter, or guardianship, it is imperative that you speak with an attorney before your 1ST hearing or your rights may be at risk. If you have received a summons in a divorce, paternity, child support, or child custody case, please contact an attorney PRIOR to your first hearing to discuss your rights. If you have had your children removed from your custody in a CHINS proceeding, please seek immediate counsel and if you must attend a hearing prior to retaining counsel, we advise that you inform the court you will seek legal counsel.

We also understand that when you have a debt collection issue, need to file bankruptcy, are going through divorce, seeking child support or defense in a child support case, or a custody matter, your financial situation is not ideal. Therefore, we offer flexible payment arrangements and affordable prices. Whether your case is contested or uncontested, or your are simply seeking a bankruptcy, estate planning services, or contract services we can provide the resources and solutions to assist you with your legal needs. We have flat fee and hourly rates available depending on your situation and legal matter.

Our legal team is here to assist by providing Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, uncontested Family Law, and Contract services at an affordable rates. Please email michelle@michellehildebrandlaw.com at your convenience to set up a free consultation to discuss your individual situation. Alternatively, you may feel free to complete the contact form below and our office will email or call you back as soon as possible. If you prefere a certain form of contact, please state below in the comments section.


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